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Since 1970, AAY has been providing comprehensive anesthesia at hospitals and surgery centers throughout the York area. Our team of highly trained anesthesiologists and clinical staff emphasizes both safety and comfort to achieve the best possible outcome for each patient.


What We Offer

We provide a variety of anesthesia services to help make patients comfortable during surgery or a medical procedure. We tailor our approach based on the patient’s age, physical status, lab results, and medical history, as well as the type of surgery/procedure being performed and the requirements of the surgeon.


We’ve earned an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars in patient satisfaction surveys. We’ve also received very positive feedback from our patients:

  • “The experience was fantastic, and I couldn’t have asked for a better anesthesiologist.”
  • “My anesthesiologist made me feel more at ease going into my operation.”
  • “Had me completely calm and relaxed.”
  • “They talked me through the procedure and really took their time and cared about me . . . I would want them the next time I have surgery.”
  • “Did great at making me feel comfortable and talking to me throughout the C-Section to make sure I was doing OK. Great job.”
  • “Genuinely concerned for my wellbeing.”
  • “Made my C-Section an enjoyable experience, and I will forever be grateful to them.”
  • “Kudos to the entire staff. Everyone was friendly, knowledgeable and most of all professional.”
  • “I had a wonderful experience, and am so thankful.”
  • “Had the perfect sense of humor to put a smile on my face right before falling asleep . . . I woke up happy as well.”
  • “Explained everything to me, and I’m 92 years old. And I understood.”
  • “I was worried at first but they made me feel super comfortable and made sure I was doing great the entire time.”
  • “I felt like ‘new money’ from the time I woke up til present!”

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Comprehensive Assessment

Using the latest procedures, we review your previous treatment, conduct a physical exam, provide a thorough evaluation of your condition and develop a complete, individualized treatment plan.


Methods of Treatment

Depending on your condition, we may use a wide range of medications, physical therapy, counseling and other alternative approaches. We also offer the latest and safest invasive approaches — such as spinal cord stimulators, drug infusions, nerve blocks and more — to effectively manage pain.