Dr. Waleed Shah contributes to published book chapter on Management of Chronic Pain in the Emergency Department

Published through Oxford University and the Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Waleed Shah contributed to the chapter on Managment of Chronic Pain in the Emergency Department. The book, Chronic Pain Management for the Hospitalized Patient, was published February 2016.

“The chapter suggests that multidisciplinary collaboration and other factors ultimately may be more important for patient satisfaction with the emergency department’s management of their pain than actual receipt of analgesics or opiods. Long-term success in the management of chronic pain in patients who frequently present to the emergency department will require healthcare providers of different specialities to work together as a team. The short-acting opiods are preferable for use in the emergency department for acute pain when pain severity warrants their use. It is suggested that the lowest effective dose be administered in order to avoid use of long-acting or extended-release formulations and that a short course be used. Assessment for opiod misuse and abuse should also be carried out.”

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